"how a commentary would play in a crowded theater"

Film One of my small ambitions has always been to attend Ebertfest, the film festival curated by film critic Roger Ebert. Judging my Jim Emerson's review, this year's sounds like a time especially since it included an unusual experiment in allowing the now voiceless Roger to have something of the vocal presence in the presentation of the work he used to have, the point of which seems to have been missed by one audience member:
"Speaking of "Citizen Kane," it was the final festival event, a Blu-ray disc projected onto the Virginia's huge screen, with Roger's 2001 voiceover commentary. I was skeptical about how a commentary would play in a crowded theater, but it worked like a charm. Afterwards, Roger sent a note to the stage, read by festival director Nate Kohn, apologizing to the woman in the lobby who wanted her money back because he kept talking through the whole film. (I thought it was a great joke -- but it turns out also to be true.)"
My italics.  Amazing.

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