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Art  Following my visit to Tate Liverpool to see the Chagall show, I decided to see what there was online for me to listen to and watch about the artist.  I've gathered what I've found below and will update if I find anything else.

Chagall Painting found, NPR's All Things Considered.
"An undeliverable package opened at a mail recovery center in Kansas turned out to contain a painting that could be a stolen masterpiece. "Over Vitebsk," painted by Marc Chagall in 1914, was taken from New York's Jewish Museum last June. Robert Siegel talks with Elisabeth Batchelor, director of conservation and collections management at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, who has been evaluating the painting."

Chagall's Ode To Chicago Is Brightly Back, Weekend Edition Saturday.
"Marc Chagall's America Windows is a love letter cast in stained glass. The great modern artist created it in his own hand to honor Chicago, America's bicentennial and Mayor Richard J. Daley, who died in December 1976. Host Scott Simon talks with curator Stephanie D'Alessandro about the piece, newly cleaned, restored and put back on display in the Art Institute of Chicago."

Start the Week: 20/10/2008, Radio 4
"JACKIE WULLSCHLAGER is chief arts editor of the Financial Times. She explores the life of the painter Chagall, arguing that his role in the Modernist movement has long been underestimated. She describes how his life in exile from his native Russia affected his painting. Her biography Chagall: Love and Exile is published by Allen Lane and it is Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4 from Monday 27 October."

The Leonardo Detectives, Radio 4
"Rachel Campbell-Johnston learns how the great and the good of the art world came to accept that a damaged and previously forgotten painting of Jesus Christ was the work of Leonardo. She hears the story of an Italian art restorer who is convinced that a Jesuit Seminary House in Oxford is home to an unknown painting by Michelangelo. She also meets the retired plumber from East Sussex with a photographic memory who, after first discovering a lost sculpture by Thomas Banks is now convinced that he has an unknown painting by Marc Chagall."

I and the Village at MOMA.
Audio guide.

"All You Need Is LOVE: From Chagall to Kusama and Hatsune Miku" at the Mori Art Museum.
Audio guide.

Marc Chagall and his Times from Art Gallery of Ontario.

Chagall and the Russian Avant-Garde at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Audio guide.

Jewish Theater Through the Eyes of Chagall.
"Mel Gordon, professor of theater at UC Berkeley, discussed how the Russian Jewish theater adopted Chagalls vision - literally and figuratively - for its groundbreaking productions."

Art Alive 2012: Floral Lecture with Bella Meyer
"Flower Bouquets in the Work of Marc Chagall, A personal take by his granddaughter, Bella Meyer"

Matisse & Chagall with Craig Hamilton Arnold at Fresno Met Museum
"Craig Hamilton Arnold recently gave a lecture for L' Alliance Francaise at the Fresno Met Museum on the Met's current Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall exhibitions."

Authors@Google: Jonathan Wilson
"Jonathan Wilson discusses his book "Marc Chagall" as part of the Authors@Google series."

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