Nature  The Robo Raven Is So Lifelike, It Fools Birdbrains:
"We've been trying to create robots that mimic natural bird-flight for years, but they've only ever achieved a crude imitation. This is largely because, unlike the robots, real birds can move their wings independently. But now, a research team from the Maryland Robotics Center has created the Robo Crow, a mechanical flyer so biologically accurate that hawks keep hunting (and dive bombing) the prototypes."
Dove builds nest in Southend traffic lights:
"A dove has built its nest in front of the red traffic light at a roundabout in Essex. The bird moved into its new home at Cuckoo Corner in Southend, despite the lights having anti-bird spikes fitted. The RSPB said the collared dove was facing traffic coming from Priory Crescent and the light would provide heat."

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