Theatre As part of its Tony Awards coverage, The New York Times arranged for some of the nominees to recreate some of the songs in public places. The results are lovely. Here's Santino Fontana and Laura Osnes singing part of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella in Central Park.

The rest are here, including Kinky Boots and Chaplin. My takeaway from stumbling over the Tonys this year is that most if not all new shows are based on films. It's amazing no one's turned The Breakfast Club into a musical yet.

"I'm the brain!"
"I'm the athlete!"
"I'm the basket case."
"Aaannnddd IIIII'mmmm tthhhheee priiinceeesssss ...."
"Annnd IIII'mmm thhheeee crimmmiinnnaaalll!"
"Basket case!"
"Thhhheeee BBBreeeeaaaakffffaaaaastttt Ccccllllluuuuuubbbb!"


It'd run for years.

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