George Lucas on Doctor Who. In 1993.

TV Here's a turn up. From 1993. George Lucas (that George Lucas?) (probably not) (sorry) in The Spectator on the BBC celebrating Doctor Who in 1993 despite having cancelled it:
"Hence the BBC is holding birthday celebrations for a programme that does not exist, yet is still so rampantly popular that the BBC has made profits of £20 million from secondary sales and each new video of old Dr Who programmes is an immediate hit. In an age sadly short of heroes, it is strange to see so successful a show disappear. In an era of vicious American Terminators the loss of Dr Who removes a particularly comforting item of British cultural furniture from an ever barer national living- room. From across the Atlantic comes word that Steven Spielberg is talking to the BBC about a Dr Who film project. But many believe an American portrayal of such a uniquely British role would be more distressing than its current state of limbo. And why can't the BBC simply do it themselves, in the format that has already been so enduring and successful?"
And eventually ...

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