Film Ethan Hawke spoke to Reddit the other day and I think surprised many users with his openness. Here's a sample answer about how he's perceived in public:
"I don't want to say. You know, the things that we want to change about our lives are things we don't want everybody to know, and one of the most difficult things for me was having to learn in front of the public that having a reputation is a double-edged sword. It prevents me from making a first impression. I feel like I haven't made a first impression on anyone in 20 years. There are many things about my life and my behavior that I wish I could change, situations I wish I could have handled better, relationships I could have healed, but unfortunately the earth seems to turn one way and all we can do is try to learn."
Which feeds somewhat back into the link I posted yesterday from Lis. Many of us are in Hawke's position. Our online selves create a particular impression good or bad which means we do meet people who've previously met us online, what they have isn't a first impression, they already have some idea of what we'll be like, just as most of us might think that Hawke is probably pretty similar to Jesse from the walking and talking films.  But we never are.  We can't be.

Updated! Hawke's also given a superb interview to The Observer. Here's his James Franco story:
"I ask Hawke how well he knows James Franco. I've always liked to imagine him as a mentor to the younger actor – two writers and polymaths, both seeking some sort of inner truth of themselves and the world around them. "I had a very surreal experience once," Hawke replies. "I was walking on Sunset Boulevard under this giant billboard of James Franco – it was like this Calvin Klein ad or something – and then he walked out from underneath it. And I thought: man this fucking guy is everywhere." It was, Hawke says, the only time the two have ever met; he adds, unexpectedly: "He seems much more confident than I ever was."

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