Dream a Little Dream for Me.

TV In the week, the ATX TV Festival 2013 celebrated My So-Called Life with a reunion. Not everybody, but creator Winnie Holzman, Devon Gummersall (Brian Krakow), Devon Odessa (Sharon Cherski), Wilson Cruz (Ricky Vasquez), and Bess Armstrong (Patty Chase) all turned up. Yahoo! TV has a lengthy article about the Q&A:
"Other than looks, though, the cast agrees that little has changed since the show was on the air for its brief 19-episode run. They'd all have mobile phones, but the stories would remain the same.

"In our hearts and souls, one generation is not that different from another," Holzman said. "It's just the trappings that change."

"The writing was so good and the story, the challenges that the characters were dealing with were timeless things," Gummersall agreed. "It could be pretty much the same now, or it could've taken place at a time earlier."
Most of the cast have stayed in touch. Claire Danes was attending thanksgiving at Bess Armstrong's house until a few years ago. Austin Monthly collates some of the other nuggests:
"At the end of the panel, which like the series was cancelled-too-soon, Ross asked the cast where they saw their characters today. Gummersall said he could see Brian Krakow inventing something very lucrative, like Facebook. Cruz believes Ricky would have gotten “the hell out of there” and gone to New York, where he would have become a successful fashion designer. The best line came from Holzman: “Angela grew up and joined the CIA.”

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