BBC 1963: June.

BBC News: Fifty years since John Profumo 'sleaze' resignation
"It is 50 years since Britain's Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, resigned following an affair with Christine Keeler - who was allegedly also having an affair with a Russian spy. The 1963 scandal, which is the subject of an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London, laid bare the corruption at the heart of the British establishment. Nick Higham reports."

Letter From America: The Stand in the Schoolhouse Door of 1963
"Cooke recalls the moment when the segregationist George Wallace, Governor of Alabama, attempted to prevent a black student enrolling at the University of Alabama in 1963."

Witness: The Death of Thich Quang Duc
"In June 1963, Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc shocked the world by setting himself on fire in protest against the Catholic South Vietnamese government. Sister Chan Khong was there. "

Witness: JFK in Ireland
"In June 1963 the US President John F Kennedy made a state visit to Ireland, his ancestral home. Irish novelist Colm Toibin remembers the effect he had on the people lining the streets to welcome him."

Radio Newsreel: The Kennedy Brothers Visit Berlin
"Cold War paranoia is highlighted in this report by Ivor Jones about a visit to Berlin by Robert and Edward Kennedy. Jones details the labyrinthine diplomatic implications of Edward Kennedy having shown his passport to East German officials so that he could visit the communist sector of the city."

Witness: Robert Kennedy on civil rights, 1963
"US Attorney General, Robert Kennedy responds to criticisms that legal and constitutional complexities are slowing the progress of the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King had criticised the US government for not taking legal action to force individual states to implement measures to outlaw discrimination."

Panorama: US Attorney General Robert Kennedy speaking about Civil Rights, 1963
"In this clip, Martin Luther King criticises the US government for not taking legal action to force individual states to implement measures to outlaw discrimination. Here, presenter Robin Day puts the question to Robert Kennedy who responds by explaining a range of legal complexitites and indirectly criticising King for not getting approval from the authorities for a demonstration at which he was arrested. Kennedy also uses legal arguments to explain the actions of President John F Kennedy with regard to condemning discrimination as unconstitutional and passing legal measures against it. First broadcast in Panorama on 13 May 1963. The Flash version of this clip has subtitles available."

Great Lives: Henry Cooper
"The date is June 18 1963, the final seconds of the fourth round of a boxing match. In the ring, Henry Cooper, eight years older and 26 pounds lighter than his opponent, Cassius Clay. And then Cooper hits Clay, just as the bell rings."

Frankly Speaking: Self-Portrait of a Star: Bette Davis
"Actor George Coulouris, accompanied by BBC producer Peter Duval Smith, speaks to Bette Davis in an occasionally heated conversation about the actress's career. Davis shares her opinions on what it means to be a star after 30 years in the business and is at great pains to counter Duvall Smith's claim that she uses the same mannerisms in every performance. Films discussed include 'Dark Victory' (1939), 'Juarez' (1939), 'Watch on the Rhine' (1943) and Davis's most recent hit, 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' (1962)."

The Beatles live in Abergavenny, 1963
"Welsh singer Bryn Yemm discusses The Beatles' appearance in Abergavenny, 1963."

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