"the electronic Buena Vista Social Club"

Music The Observer has a rather poignant interview with the Radiophonic Workshop, who are out on tour:
"This is life with the Radiophonic Workshop – the electronic Buena Vista Social Club, a "band that never was", masters of their craft finally coming together late in life. While their demeanour might occasionally seem a little more Krankies than Kraftwerk, these old colleagues – playing together as a band for the first time, after decades working separately in little studios tucked away deep in the BBC's Broadcasting House – are now getting their due as true pioneers of electronic sound. Deceased RWS members Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram and John Baker may have retro cachet already, with Derbyshire, who recorded the original Doctor Who theme, beloved of the electronica and record collecting communities, and Oram now the subject of a Science Museum exhibition. But this is a concerted effort to bring their tradition well and truly to life: gigging, remixing and recording new tracks. And generations of musicians are queuing up to work with them, or to simply pay tribute to their music and influence."
And here they are at on The One Show the other night. Superb:

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