Doctor Who at the BBC:
More local news clips.

Radio I'll try and keep across these as they appear:

BBC Radio Leicester's very own Matt Smith with a beginners' guide to Doctor Who.

BBC Radio Leicester's Matt Smith meets Paul McGann, who played the 8th Doctor in 1996. That's Matt Smith.

BBC Radio Leicester's Matt Smith meets Sophie Aldred, who played Ace in Doctor Who.

Jim Davis chats to John Leeson, who's originally from Leicester. John provided the voice of K9 (as well as Bungle in Rainbow).

What do today's children make of Doctor Who from fifty years ago? A group of Beaver Scouts from Glenfield review the first-ever episode of the classic series.

Ken Caswell from Norwich remembers his dad's job of painting the TARDIS prop in 1963!

Brian Hodgson, who lives in Norfolk, explains how he created the Dalek voices in 1963. (Clip from "The Ordeal", written by Terry Nation, directed by Christopher Barry, 1964).

Essex based author Jacqueline Raynor chats to Mark Punter about writing Doctor Who.

Mark Punter shares his memories of Doctor Who and meeting Tom Baker.

On The Day of the Doctor Jane Smith gets her facts straight with some young super fans.

Odd things are happening to Janice Forsyth in this Dr Who Special....

Ian Puckey shares his memories of Doctor Who and appearing in a book based on the series.

Wroxham-based actor Graham Cole remembers his days playing a Cyberman in the 1980s.

Norfolk-based scenic designer Spencer Chapman recalls his work on Doctor Who in 1964.

Dave Monk shares his memories of Doctor Who and recalls turning his shed into a TARDIS.

Essex born and raised actress, Deborah Watling reveals what life on set was like playing a Doctor Who companion, alongside Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor and Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon.

It's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. BBC Radio Manchester 's Allan Beswick interviewed the Doctor's greatest enemy - A Dalek!

Bonus round: The World Service's Witness on the making of Doctor Who.

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