Gordon Seed on Doctor Who.

TV Neil at ScifiLove has a rather good interview with stuntman Gordon Seed who has filled in for both David Tennant and Matt Smith on Doctor Who:
He also got the job with a little help from the Doctor himself.

Gordon explained: “I was doubling for David Tennant on Harry Potter, when he was stunned and thrown across a courtroom. Anyway we were chatting during the shoot and he told me he’d just been confirmed as the Doctor.

“A short while after that, I had a call from the production team asking me to go down as David had put my name in. It was a very nice thing to do, but he is a really nice bloke.

“Matt is a brilliant bloke too, in fact everyone is really great to work with. They’re like a big family and I love going back down to Cardiff.”

Gordon added: “The production of Doctor Who is a machine, but the attention to detail is staggering. I was dressed as the Doctor and had to fall down some stairs, and I wore the Doctor’s watch which was set to the right time. No-one was going to see it, but just in case, it was correct.”
There's also plenty of detail about the kinds of films and television series he's worked on too especially locally.

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