Doctor Who at the BBC:
Local Radio Coverage in general.

TV As the anniversary approaches, local news radio from across the BBC is amassing material, mostly interviews with the creatives. Here's what I've been able to find. I've added in the Radio Solent links from the other day for your convenience and let's face it mine.

Donald Tosh on working with William Hartnell. Includes impression of William Hartnell.

Brian Hodgson, who now lives in Norfolk, recalls how the famous tune was created by his colleague Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 1963.

Sue Webb from Winchester worked on the very first Doctor Who story to feature the Daleks and shares her memories with Richard Latto.

Peter Holmes (BBC Essex DJ) shares his memories of Doctor Who and hiding behind the sofa! Spot the moment when he turns into the TARDIS Datacore.

Bournemouth's Michael E Briant directed several highly regarded Doctor Who stories. He shares his memories of episodes including; Power Of The Daleks, Fury Of The Deep, The Sea Devils and The Robots Of Death.

Richard Latto explores the time when Jon Pertwee came back to his old home of Portsmouth. See rare footage of Doctor Who being made when the sea devils came out of the waters of the Solent.

South coast resident John Levene played Sgt Benton in the classic series of Doctor Who for many happy years. He shares his memories with Richard Latto.

Stuart Fell from New Milton talks about portraying many of the shows famous monsters. He shares his many happy memories with Richard Latto.

Karen Davies from Norwich remembers how she won the BBC's Doctor Who Mastermind in 2005.

In August 2005, nine year old William Grantham from Colchester won a Blue Peter 'Design a Monster' competition. His invention later appeared in an episode of Doctor Who, starring David Tennant. Sorry everyone, he's now in his late teens.

Kevin Hudson from Bournemouth talks to Richard Latto about being as a Doctor Who monster.

BBC Radio Wales's Doctor Who Day Live blog.

Dr Keith Johnston from the University of East Anglia in Norwich explains how he uses the show in his lectures.

Southampton's Bill Baggs has led several ambitious science fiction drama projects. Many involving people associated with Doctor Who. An amazingly thorough interview that covers everything.

Paul Vanezis has handled the return of missing doctor episodes found on the south coast. He talks to Richard Latto about the skills and methods used to secure the return of several classic Doctor Who stories.

Hear how Terry Burnett from Fareham returned two previously missing Doctor Who episodes. He tells Richard Latto about their discovery and how they made their way back to the BBC archives.

And as a bonus, Night Waves on Radio 3 the other night had Matthew Sweet discussing the TV series with historian Dominic Sandbrook, philosopher Ray Monk and New Generation Thinker and cultural historian Fern Riddell.

Oh and Jo Whiley put together a special Doctor Who mixtape which has some tracks which Confidential didn't even think of back in the day.

Plus Radio 4 has a new archive page, but you've probably heard most of that already.

A BBC website search suggests loads of local radio stations are having specials tomorrow so expect a few more of these...

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