Paul McGann on The Night of the Doctor.

TV Yes, TV, because it was on TV and is at the moment, right now as I type albeit on the red button. Doctor Who Online have managed to get a post match interview with Paul McGann about The Night of the Doctor and it seems the whole thing was surprise because it was about to be leaked:
When did you film it?

We shot it in May.

That’s a long time to keep a secret!

Yeh, it wasn’t easy. I mean a couple of mates knew - family knew, and I’m pretty good at keeping a secret, but of course so many people work on something, you know, technicians and everybody else, and publicity people, you know, I’m not pointing the finger, except I’m saying, somewhere along the line, someone couldn’t resist pressing send.

A couple of days ago we were seeing still pictures from the episode going out before it had gone out, so Steven Moffat presumably thought “I’ve gotta do something”, so we released it.
I wonder where they were and who was doing that and what kind of malicious spoilsport thought it would be a good idea? At least they had the wherewithal to get the thing out there and make our day or decade or two.

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