Art A woman with a digital camera approaches people in the street and asks them for a kiss. This sounds like a ploy from Dom Joly's 'Trigger Happy TV' but is in fact the video art at the cornerstone of Melanie Manchot's exhibition 'Love is a Stranger' It's a wonderfully strange work. Our view is from a point somewhere in the centre of her chest (presumably the camera is hidden) so in reality all we are seeing is very good views of people's necks if they kiss -- but we also see the rejections -- the looks of horror that this strange woman would ask such a question. It's also terribly voyeristic, we see which kinds of people give a peck on the cheek and who gives her a full on snog. One of those piece which is endlessly watchable, nuances revealed with each repeated turn of the video. At The Cornerhouse, Manchester until 24 February [images; Google for more information]

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