Travel Speaking of branding, British Midland has released the name of their new no-frills airline service. It is to be call 'bmibaby'. Somebody there has a sense of humour. [from travelnews]

TV Channel Four have rolled out 'Smallville' pretty quickly after the US debut. Nope, haven't seen it, although perhaps I should be making the most of it, because good new US imports are going to be low on the ground if this Newsweek article is anything to go by. It doesn't pull any punches, especially in regards to one of our own exports, 'Who wants to be a Millionare': "Now ABC says it might not even bring Regis (Philbin)’s game show back for a third season. That’s an extraordinary jackknife for a program that reportedly helped its network generate $1 billion just two years ago. It’s not altogether surprising, given that brain-dead ABC—which hasn’t launched a real hit since “Dharma and Greg”—milked the program for every penny by airing it four times a week. This is a shameful way to run a network, and a rotten thing to do to a good show."

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