Reader's Letters On Monday I received my strangest ever email, which I will offer unedited, with his emphasis: "Hi, my name is Antonio Zavaleta, I´m 17, live in Lima, PerĂº, well, the reason I contacted you is that you like that "As If" Show also, cos I really enjoy it too. Well, I wanted to know if it could be possible, you know, that you could have the address of the website - the official one or another - of that show, cos I´m killing myself here, in a chair, trying to find it, you know....well, I hope your answer..." I think what prompted the email was my review here on the IMDb (it's at the bottom of, yes, the front page, yes with bizarre punctuation and typos). So many questions. This Channel Four teen show is actually being watched in Peru apparently, which demonstrates international sales to their full effect -- goodness know what they make of all the distinctly British references, and Sooz for that matter. Just so that Antonio doesn't kill himself I should point out that the official site is here, although it isn't terribly impressive.

Music Tori Amos has worked with Neil Gaiman on her new album and tour: "We have umm…we have, I think a creative relationship - for whatever reason it's based on…hmm, brutal honesty…with a spoonful of sugar. We would rather hear it from each other, rather that the scabs were picked open by one another than to have it done by the New York Times. Anything that they're going to say he's already told me. We've covered all the angles of every argument beforehand, and we know what's coming." [from Vox interview; original editorial here]

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