Blog! And so to the fictional. Jamie's Way is a web-only teen drama produced out of Baltimore and to fill the gaps between episodes, the writers have begun a weblog to cover the distance between episodes. The staggering thing about 'The Joys of Being Jamie' is realism. Without all of the links back to the drama's own website this could be the musings of a real teenager. The only give away is that the entries are too personal -- in the average blog the writer doesn't often write about their true feelings lest they be read by someone involved. But here we have declarations of love and descriptions of classroom in-fighting. The quote on the front page is authentic though: "..Follow me as I search for myself, as I search for my way... Follow me as I find my WAY.." Theme song?

Books Calling a book that was always going to generate both publicity and controversy. For the author, Randall Kennedy, it's just a matter of context. [Atlantic Unbound]

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