Film Last night I watched the greatest film ever made. Not 'Lord of the Rings' but the story of the fall of apartheid in South Africa through it's architects 'Mandela and de Klerk'. This is one of those films which seems impossible in the real world and yet there it was unfolding on screen. Directed briskly by Joseph 'Jaws: The Revenge' Sargent, this is a film which proves that sometimes your success is in the casting. I wonder how Mandela felt when he found out Sydney Poitier had played him in a film. And opposite Michael Caine as de Klerk. Both prove they can turn even the most simplistic of scripts into gold. While it's hard to swallow that the meetings between these two people were conducted in quite the way they appear on film, these few scenes allow the actors to show the mastery of their craft. The only distraction being Caine's bald head, the join between his forehead and his paite always in view. All I need to see now is the biopic of Kofi Annan featuring Morgan Freeman and I'll be happy. [trailer]

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