Film Speaking of film reviews, this missive at The Collective on 'Catch Me If You Can' (which might seem a bit familiar) has prompted some comment from one of their regulars:
"Overrated. Look around. Watch TV. Read the papers. Read reviews on this site. Where is Leonardo being overrated and by who? Everywhere you look people fall over them-selves to point out how overrated this young actor is. Even in reviews where he receives praise it is almost always prefixed by criticism. A reviewer who wants to say Leo’s done a good job, feels the need to point out that they know he’s really not that good. So I ask again who is doing the overrating? How are they being heard above the roar of the crowd that calls him overrated?"
My rebultle is on there and the conversation will no doubt continue. And there was I thinking that I couldn't inspire passion in anyone anymore.

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