Radio As you all know I'm a huge fan of incongruity, so I can't wait to hear George Clooney work 'Desert Island Discs', especially when he's in such a political mood:
""It's a difficult time right now... because the administration did a very smart thing, first of all tying to tie September 11 to Hussein and then to stand up and say you're either with the administration or you're with the enemy, which works directly opposite of the idea of freedom of speech and freedom of dissent.

"It's the founding principle and it's not just your right but your patriotic duty to question the actions of your government."
This is feeling more and more like the sixties, the people are protesting anyway they can... Ex-e.r. cohort Julianna Margulies' has an inspirational solution to the Al-Qaeda problem: "Don’t you think it’s time we all just lived in peace? I would tell them to all take a yoga class." [that quote from Gawker]

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