Site News I'm sure you dread these but I thought I'd let you in on some of things I'm going to experiment with here over the coming weeks and months. You see I've had three ideas for new weblogs.

The first was going to be all about Shakespeare. Then I realised that was a massive undertaking, so I narrowed things somewhat and went for the big one and decided upon Hamlet instead. Its four hours long and there is scope.

The second was simply a list of everything I'm consuming media wise. I'd love to review everything but there simply isn't the time so I thought I'd offer some honourable mentions with a few words to saw yes or no by way of recommendation.

The third was a quote blog; to explain, about ten years ago and for a few years I cobbled together a book of lyrics, poetry, quotes and writing -- things I was interested in. It was supposed to be a record of who I was at a time without having to be too personal about it. It's certainly that and I was going to post the material I would own up to as a weblog. But to cover all three I would need to be keeping four weblogs at a time; I don't have the time or stamina for that and the only thing that would suffer would be this already beleagered main site so instead I'm going to incorporate them in here.

So expect lots of stuff about a Danish prince, quotes and media recommendations mixed in with the film reviews, Buffynalia and everything else. I hope you like chaos...

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