Liverpool Life This was swiped from under my nose by a greedy world looking for quirky stories -- and from my own turf as well. Last September. a concert was held at Paddy's Wigwam (or to give the official title the Metropolitan Cathedral) in which the audience were exposed to inaudible sounds (of the kind which are skimmed away for MP3 files), their reactions recorded:
"CiarĂ¡n O'Keeffe, a researcher on the project who has since taken up a lecturing post at Liverpool Hope University's Psychology department, said: "When the infrasound was switched on, people experienced different emotional responses to it.

"The feelings that the listeners recorded at the time are in line with anecdotal evidence of experiences in places that have infrasound."
A kind of scientific you had to be there then. [via Vodkabird and everyone else]

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