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  • filmlog: Silver City (2004)
    Political satire handstrung by languid pacing. That said, Chris Cooper is painful as the Bushalike and seeing people like Thora Birch and Tim Roth gives this a pleasing nineties indie vibe.
  • filmlog: The Idle Rich (1929)
    Creaky drawing room comedy from the dawn of the sound era directed by Cecil B. DeMille's brother William. It's disconcerting not to have music and for the location changes to flash up like a silent film instead of establishing shots.
  • filmlog:Tears of the Sun (2003)
    "I broke my own rule. I started to give a fuck!" The political situation in Nigeria reduced to the level of a Die Hard style chase thriller. Works in those genre terms although fails entirely whenever it tries to add a deeper meaning.
  • Dark Horse Comics Previews: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 Page 0
    The reveal on page five is a keeper. That sorts that one out then. So clever. So Joss.
  • the f-word: Observer Woman
    Excellent review of a year in the life of the Sunday supplement. Basically says that style is great but there could be more substance to set it apart from the other glossies.
  • TrekToday: Rick Berman: It Took Coto To Bring Original Series Thrill to 'Enterprise'
    "I can openly admit that I did not see all 79 episodes of the original series, or 80 if you include the various versions of the pilot, but it was something we respected and did our best to lead up to." That explains a lot.
  • American politics: And they're off
    Mostly suggests that Hilary Clinton won't be president and that the Republicans are stronger than you think. Ends with a very bizarre turn of phrase.
  • Gia has seen the final cut of 'Sunshine', the film she's been blogging about for over a year.
    And says lot's of nice things about it. Thank goodness for that.
  • Britannica Blog: Don’t Tell Mama, Rudy’s in Drag!
    As an antidote to the Economist article, a well reasons argument for why all of the popular candidates will lose in 2008.
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