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  • filmlog: Snow Falling on Cedars (1999)
    Beautifully photographed and scored, emotional courtroom drama about the discrimination of the Japanese in the US after Pearl Harbour hand strung by tricksy editing and flashback structure. Excellent performances though.
  • My Off The Telly review contributions: Graham chips in.
    Graham was also asked to contribute to Off The Telly's Review 2006 and has posted the full text of his contributions here. Great stuff and I totally agree on Lead Balloon, The Real Hustle and obviously Dr Who. Careful of the '24' spoilers though.
  • Behind the Sofa: 'Brain transfers are a really stupid idea.'
    In which I review tonight's excellent new Doctor Who episode 'Blood of the Daleks' part two.
  • Annette's Notebook: Shyness vs. introversion
    I hope I'm not an introvert, but the definition sounds familiar...
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