Links for 2007-01-12 []

  • Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness: A Visit to Doctor Who
    Fascinating post about his visit to the set during the recording of his two parter for next series. Great detail for fans, particularly the mention Gary Russell who has apparently moved to Cardiff. Is he researching a another book?
  • Bermuda Sun: Are you ready to say goodbye?
    It's a while since I actually watched a final finale for any show -- probably The West Wing. The kinds of programmes I like tend to simply fade away or get canceled or find out mid season and then have to scramble.
  • filmlog: DiG! (2004)
    Often hilarious rockumentary contrasting the fortunes of two bands who began together and then went their separate ways, one up, one down. Sounds corny, but this is 'Spinal Tap' for the indie generation.
  • Actor History: David Tennant
    Fails to mention Doctor Who but the photos are amusing.
  • Wikipedia: Deal or No Deal (UK game show)
    "There has also been criticism of the Banker's tactics and questions asked about the fairness of the game, with offers varying wildly from the surprisingly generous to offers that are so poor [...] as to virtually force a 'no deal'."
  • Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were
    "History is a fascinating subject. There is an almost irresistible draw to look at the bigger picture, the overall course of events, in an attempt to glean some insight or approach some greater knowledge."

    1. Actually, Gary Russell is now a script editor working on Torchwood and various other bits and bobs.

    2. Wow, that's the first time I've heard about that. Is it common knowledge?