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  • Kristine Lowe: Is a blog without comments still a blog?
    Seems apt to post this whilst Blogger is on one of its many downtimes. I would say that a blog is anything with reverse dates although there also needs to be some interactivity even if it's just linking elsewhere otherwise, what's the point?
  • filmlog: Blissfully Yours (2002)
    This reminded me of Virginia Woolf's 'To The Lighthouse' -- the magnification life small emotional moments. Just a pity that on the whole it's so tedious to watch even with the sudden moments of sexuality and lush photography.
  • An Unreliable Witness: Writing: This (was never my) Life
    More This Life+10 criticism. Would it be wrong to say that its the first time the not-we have understood what it was like for us to see the prequel Star Ward trilogy or Torchwood being so fundamentally disappointing>
  • musiclog: Take These Flowers Away Ep: Music: Lauren Laverne
    For me Lauren is a much missed musical presence. It's nice to see her getting so much presenting and DJing work, but this remains one of my favourite singles/EPs and it's a shame she hasn't returned to it. Recommended.
  • penn: Two types of people
    Even though I don't drive, I'd like to think I'm a waiter/unlocker. And that if I knew that someone lived on my route that I'd give them a lift. I've always tried to follow the dictum that if I can help someone, I will.
  • BBC NEWS Entertainment: Morrissey in talks for Eurovision
    That got your attention: "I was horrified but not surprised to see the UK fail," he said. "Why didn't they ask me?"
  • Random Acts Of Reality: The Post That May Lose Reynolds His Job...
    On why meal breaks for Ambulance personnel are impossible in the current climate.
  • Adam Buxton: Humiliating TV appearance news
    "Mark Lamarr, who had barely said hello before we got started was scrupulously charmless from the get go and I began to wish I hadn’t agreed to come on the show." The post that got Buxton bumped from 'Have I Got News For You' apparently.
  • filmlog: Holiday Inn (1942)
    Great idea -- a song for every holiday -- with great music and dancing. 'White Christmas' is lovely in situ, but it's not really a festive film in that way. Not sure how I felt about 'Abraham' but love that Fred is essentially the bad guy.
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