Spaced Out.

Life The postman has started visiting excessively late. The other day the mail was delivered at 2:30 and it was 1:30 in the afternoon today. The fact that I even care about this proves one thing -- I need to get employment so that I'll be out all day and this won't actually matter. I'm applying for jobs, although the whole process is really, really difficult because quite often the advertisements don't actually match the application when they arrive -- and not just because I've been sent the wrong one.

A company in Basingstoke was looking for a Communication Assistant. The advert implied it would be a main editorial position and the perfect thing for someone looking for a start in the industry. They mentioned the need for degrees and it all looked perfect. I received the full person specification today and it's essentially a situation for a proven Admin Assistant -- they'd over emphasised some qualities over others and so wasted some paper sending something out to me that I couldn't really use. Although a friend at university from Basingstoke had nothing good to say about Basingstoke ('Lots of roundabouts and car parks' apparently) it would have been a start and I'm sure the area has improved a bit in ten years.

I'm certainly more proactive than I was when I left university first time around and after Review 2006 I've begun to put together a portfolio of writing, although I've a feeling that it'll end up being like a CV -- tailored to whomever I'm sending it to unsolicited. I think I need to diversify the writing though -- perhaps visit some restaurants so that I can try my and at food reviews and research and write some longer pieces on more newsy topics. If anyone reading has some advice it would be gratefully received. Good lord, I'm beginning to sound like Daisy from Spaced. Which has to be a good thing, surely.


  1. Anonymous10:58 pm

    How about getting to grips with a spell and grammar check he he ;)

  2. Fair comment, although the way that Blogger's been acting this evening, it's amazing this got posted at all.

    Incidentally, so you are still reading? I posted the answer to your question on New Year's Eve and didn't hear a peep out of you... hope you had a good time.

  3. Anonymous5:46 pm

    I didn't realise I was supposed to reply to anything ? Thanks for answering though :) Another tip (sorry) - "Incidentally,so you are still reading ?" - doesn't really make and sense.
    "Incidentally", "so" and "you" are all in completely the wrong place. If you are asking a question it should read "So,are you still reading?" or "Incidentally, are you still reading". Damn my Degree in English Language ;)

  4. Pick, pick, pick.

    Well, yes, I know that. I could have used proper sentences (and grammar) but I was expressing myself using light, fluffy, over-familiar California valley-speak inspired language for comic effect.

    It was just that there were a few things in there that I was sure you would find something to comment about. But, y'know like what-ever.

    Incidentally, I like that you comment. You comment more than anyone else, I think. Where did you study?