So cold.

Life Our hot water and heating broke down last night. We called the man out, and the man's friend in the call centre said he would be here this morning. We called this morning and it turned out the man hadn't been asked yet, but that he would be asked. He eventually arrived this evening. In a fit of doing it myself next time, I grabbed a note pad ready to write down what he did to get it working so that I could replicate it in the future. Once he'd left, here is what I wrote.

Notice I left lots of space after writing up the title for all of the really intricate instructions.

He played about with some knobs, twiddled with a switch then reached up and smacked it hard on the side. The hot water started working. He hit it again and the heating came back on. Something to do with a diaphram.
'So' I said, 'If it breaks down again I should just hit it?'
'Yes.' He replied. 'Although not too often otherwise the boiler will fall off the wall.'
He's ordered a new one.

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