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  • OurChart. You're On It.
    New social networking site inspired by 'The L Word'. Mostly material related to the programme at the moment which I'll able to read when I've caught up.
  • the hamlet weblog: Eight
    In which I give a forty year old recording of Hamlet with the well respected actor Paul Scofield a right old slagging. Seriously, these are three and a half hours of my life I'll never get back. Still, it's one more towards the target.
  • Manga Force - the Manga magazine and DVD collection
    Bought the first issue because it featured 'Ghost In The Shell' and it was only £2.99 even though it should really be called 'Anime Force'.
  • Anil Dash: How Matt Haughey Beat Google
    Excellent analysis of why AskMetafilter works. I'm always annoyed when the many articles that are produced about online Ask services aren't far sighted enough to include what was probably the source for them all.
  • Clive Cussler really, really dislikes 'Sahara'
    John links and comments on an LA Times story about the trials that the script for the action film 'Sahara' when through be before reaching the screen and the ensuing lawsuit from the author of the original film.
  • filmlog: Sahara (2005)
    Not quite as rip or roaring as it should be due to weird plotting, but all of the actors are good value and some of the action scenes are excellent.
  • Evening Telegraph: Hollywood star set to play former Dundee man
    Or more specifically, Jack Black to play Danny Wallace in the film of his book 'Yes Man'. A 'Join Me' film is also in the works. Perhaps this'll turn into a franchise...
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