"Brian" and "Cherski"

TV Claire Danes had something new to say about My So-Called Life in this New York Magazine interview:
"My So-Called Life has had such a long afterlife. Did that make you think more seriously about the next TV project you did?
You know, I love the show and I'm still very close with Winnie who wrote it and the two Devons who were in it. It was a momentous event for me, and so I don't feel dogged by it and I'm incredibly flattered that it continues to resonate. I loved Saved By the Bell, but it wasn’t like that; it was a very special show. I’m not remotely embarrassed by it. I got a little bit annoyed when people were saying that, you know, Carrie Mathison is just Angela Chase grown up. That is preposterous."
"Angela" is still great friends with "Brian" and "Cherski" as well as the writer.  How has the reunion film not been made yet?  Also the Bell comparison is amazing.  Not Dawson's Creek?  Really?

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