the "Sugababes" have split up

Music When Simon asked me earlier if I'd heard the Sugababes news, the last of inverted commas suggested all our hopes had been realised.

What he actually meant was that it looks like the "Sugababes" have split up.

Heidi, whose signed up for some Dancing on Ice denies it, but since she's signed up for Dancing on Ice and has also indicated there are no projects forthcoming and since the last single was released a freebie, I think we can safely assume the project is finally over.

Unless they're being given the shove so that H, M & S can make a welcome return.  Yes, perhaps that's it.

Now I'm off to play with my Kindle.

Updated!  Simon's been back in touch to say he didn't mean that at all.  We were at crossed purposes.  What he was referring to was this teasing tweet from Keisha:
Hanging out in the studio with and two lovely ladies with bags of talent :-p lol
Green's retweeted this so she's not delusional.  Mutya hasn't updated her feed for over a year.  Siobhan's too clever to be on Twitter.  No confirmation that they're these two ladies.  Could just as well be backing singers.  But you never know.  Hmm.

Now I'm going back to playing with my Kindle.

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