"brown paper towels down into my armpits to soak up the salty sludge"

TV Amber Benson explains the horror of the pitching process in modern US network television:
"Now I have to admit that the pitch process scares the crap out of me...I get nervous, start sweating profusely from every sweat gland on my body - I once sweat so badly I had to go to the bathroom and stuff scratchy, brown paper towels down into my armpits to soak up the salty sludge - and, finally, just before I go in and start talking, my stomach begins to cramp like a son-of-a-bitch.

"So all of the above makes me predispositioned not to enjoy the whole thing anyway...but it's more than just the fight or flight body responses that make me dislike the pitch process.

"What bugs me is the fact that everyone just wants a goddamned procedural...a body of the week to keep them satisfied and, frankly, they don't care how they get it."
A couple of commenters suggest she should try her hand in the UK and they're right. Her work would fit perfectly on BBC Three or E4 along with Being Human or Misfits. The problem for her is she probably wants to work in the US and there just don't seem to be the opportunities.

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