the Sugababes are back together

Music Well look at that. As Popjustice explains, the Sugababes are back together, or One Touch as they'll inevitably be called since "Sugababes" are still Occupying their real name.

This is very much a band back together approach with their original songwriters and management involved and everything.  PJ indicates it's all going very well. Just having them in the same room is progress. If the harmonies are still there as well, this could be quite something.

Fingers crossed this is all going to be done right and well judged and won't take the All Saints approach of going after the market who doesn't know who they are rather than those of us who do.

I think this madman situation deserves some stools:

Scream, indeed.

Update! 9/1/2012  Well then.  Now I don't know what to think.  Other than that the PopJustice story has a mass of detail in it which isn't really be shot down in this tweet in which she certainly doesn't say directly "Original Sugababes lineup not reuniting" as the headline to the linked The Guardian story says.  As ever, we'll see.

Update!  22/1/2012  This give every indication it is actually on with a leaked lyric synopsis (which I haven't read - spoliers etc) and talk of Siobhan giving up her job to concentrate on it.  To be honest that link's worth visiting for the comments, which make the visitors to the Guardian's boards look like well adjusted, compassionate human beings.

Update!  26/1/2012   Emeli Sande Confirms Song With Original Sugababes according to Mtv.  Keisha continues to deny it on Twitter

"Goddammit, when is somebody going to go on the record in this story?" -- Ben Bradley, All The President's Men.

I'll continue to update this post until there's something really concrete, like an actual song or photo of them together now or some such.

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