"a punk club"

Film Around this time last month, The Guardian's magazine asked a bunch of random, if successful people what made them "over-achievers", Miranda July included:
"When I was 16 I thought: I want to be a director. I made a play based on my correspondence with a man in prison and put it on in a punk club – I was determined to make the play professional, to not have it to do with school. I was in over my head but I remember thinking, "This is it. I'll do this for ever." In theory my parents were encouraging."
Another point of interest is how Lucy Prebble is credited as "the creator of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl" which demonstrates the blurry lines of that television series. At what point did Brooke's participation become irrelevant?

A bit later July appeared in This Much I Know:
"The word "quirky" is diminutising. It implies you're living in a childlike, whimsical wonderland. There's nothing quirky about directing a movie. It's like being at war. I wonder if the people who criticise me for it have watched the work. Is death quirky? There's a lot of death. A lot of sex. If I sexed it up more people might pay more attention, but it's not the way my face was built."
Then they posted some video. Essentially it was Miranda July month at The Guardian:

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