"the shape of March Of The Penguins, Miracle on 34th Street and Aladdin"

TV TV Cream continues the old Off The Telly tradition of annual logs of fare on Christmas Day with some focus on Downton Abbey, a show which I'm still yet to indulge in. Yes, I know. I'll try and catch up this year:
"The rest of the day on ITV1 was fairly solid. As usual much of the daytime as devoted to films, though at least there were some different titles to the familiar fare in the shape of March Of The Penguins, Miracle on 34th Street and Aladdin, although Happy Feet found itself in the post-Queen slot for the second time in three years. The monarch’s message this year, incidentally, was the first to produced by Sky News and this, presumably, explains why it earned a screening on Sky1 for the first time in a while."
The Queen was one of the few programmes we watched live on Christmas Day, with its odd moments when the monarch was shown in profile whilst still speaking directly into a different camera like a confused breakfast television presenter. That was about it for me apart from the news channel early on and Doctor Who. I spent a surprising (for me) amount of time reading the surprisingly cynical supporting text in my King James Bible with my new blu-ray copy of Inception filling in the rest of the evening.

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