wondering if I'd like to be sent some samples

Plug! Just before Christmas, the day we put our Christmas tree up actually, I received an email from a PR person working for a new drinks company, Jeremiah Weed, wondering if I'd like to be sent some samples.  Not really being a drinker but also not averse to free stuff from people who want to send me free stuff I agreed.

Since I can't really offer a review of the alcohol since I've nothing to compare it to (though I will update this post when I've had an opinion from someone), I thought it best just to tell you about the free stuff which came packed in a box with the above address label.  Here's what I found inside:

Inside is a rather natty wooden box with the name of the brand and the name of this blog emblazoned on it which in this context looks like an advertising slogan, and inside that, all of this ...

... and this letter which seems only fair to post given the freebies, the third paragraph of which explains why they decided a blog with this title would be interested ("we pride ourselves on being laid back"):

As well as the alcohol, there's beef jerky, a t-shirt, a really handy bag which might just replace my usual grey item on days when I don't have much to carry out ...

... a jar which also has the name of the blog on the opposite side and a Ridley's Harmonica, the sort which was sold in John Lewis over the Christmas period, allowing me to play the theme from Midnight Cowboy or recreate scenes from Doctor Who's The Happiness Patrol depending on the mood I'm in.

Thank you kindly, ma'am (or si'ir).

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