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Film "The Walt Disney Company on Tuesday said it would buy Pixar Animation Studios in a $7.4 billion deal that gives Pixar animators creative control over the world's most famous cartoon studio and makes Pixar CEO Steve Jobs one of Disney's largest shareholders. Under the agreement, expected to close this summer, Jobs, who also heads Apple Computer Inc. will join Disney's board of directors." -- Luxo.

I really don't see why this deal could be anything but good. I've been slightly more forgiving about the Mouse House's latter theatrical output (Atlantis is a misunderstood bit of genius basically) but they have been falling back on old formulas just a bit too much -- especially with all the d2dvd sequels to earlier classics. Buying PIXAR not only allows for stability in the distribution of the CGI studio's earlier work and possible sequels (Toy Story 3 might turn out to be a quality piece of work after all) but also brings their expertise in-house, hopefully re-invigorating other areas of the company, animation or otherwise.

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