Film Gwyneth Paltrow divides her films into two categories: those she does for love and those she does for money, or "shite" as she calls them, tentatively road-testing the British vernacular. Into the former category goes Sylvia, which, she says, "because it's a movie about a poet who killed herself, [didn't] have a big audience", and The Royal Tenenbaums. Into the latter goes Shallow Hal, the Farrelly brothers film, and "this terrible movie called View From the Top that Harvey Weinstein talked me into doing". -- Emma Brockes interview.

I could read interviews with Gwyneth all day. View From The Top is a terrible film. Uneven editing, unfunny setpieces with people like Mike Myers, horrible script. But wierdly the last eight minutes are really good. There is a montage sequence in which we see Paltow's air hostess character moving in and out of her apartment over a series of days and weeks all in one 360 spinning tracking shot and from nowhere the script becomes vaguely literate. It's odd. I'm not sure whether that's the actress talking about Shallow Hal or Brockes' spin. She's been pretty positive about that film since its release so I'm hoping its the latter. It's a sweet film.

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