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TV Oh this is going to be fun. Tom Baker has been hired by BT to voice incoming text messages on landlines.

"It took British Telecom engineers five months to record and process his voice. The actor spent a total of 11 days recording 11,593 phrases covering every single sound in the English language. BT says there is no limit to the words Baker's voice can say - even rude ones are included."

He must have been demented - perhaps even more demented than in his famous outtake reel. I can relate. When I was working for the council, I volunteered to record the voiceover for their twenty-four hour payment line. Which meant having to say things like all the numbers from 1 to 100 in one go without sounding like I was counting. Somewhere out there is a robot version of me ready and willing to take your council tax payment. Or you could press two for parking fines ...

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