TV "PASADENA, California (Reuters) - NBC's acclaimed White House drama "The West Wing" will conclude its seven-year run in May -- as had long been expected -- after languishing through a steep ratings decline in recent seasons, the network said on Sunday. In formally announcing plans to bring the series to a close on May 14, NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly stressed the show's fate was strictly a matter of TV democracy -- "West Wing" simply failed to draw enough viewers to keep it on the air." --- Seven seasons is certainly a good innings. Shame though. I've been watching the dreaded Fifth Season of late and it really began to work well in the later episodes.

Meanwhile Digital Spy are reporting that NBC have scored a deal for the cast of Friends to return for four one hour specials as well. More surprisingly 'another spin-off from the much-loved sitcom is also apparently on the way, starring all three male stars of the show, and slated to be called It's A Guy Thing', which, if true, should somewhat annoy the peripheral cast of current spin-off Joey.

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  1. Anonymous11:54 pm

    The West Wing going was no surprise - and if you've suffered through Season 5, Season 6 is a breath of fresh air in comparison.

    I think the Friends thing is a fabrication, though.