Life I visited Warrington this morning. The place somehow came up in a conversation on Monday and I haven't been since the sculpture research project ended in the late 90s. It's not somewhere which has undergone massive change. The museum in particular is almost exactly the same, if slightly mustier.

The Local History library where I spent most of my time has a few extra microfiche machines and computers (although the same sign is up admonishing people for using more than pencils). The little bookshop I used to love visiting has gone, but there are many more charity shops. There's a large saucer-like fountain sploshing on the main street, but The Mad Hatter's Tea Party continues and Oliver Cromwell still stands guard.

If anything, it's undergone some more of the blanding out which is occuring throughout the country as cities and towns lose their local identity, each high street featuring most of the same shops configured into a different order. That said, one of the most niche shop's I've ever encountered, Denture Repairs, continues to fulfill its lucrative market.

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