TV "The atmosphere in the studio was postively icy, despite Tel's efforts to take a concillatory tone, expressing his misgivings about his own "they're laughing at you" comment from 1991. Alas, Icke isn't known for his magnanimity, and used this as an opportunity to berate the audience for its lack of maturity. Apparently we all should have been thinking "something really interesting is happening to this guy", rather than pouring scorn on the notion Saturday Superstore's sports desk anchor was some kind of modern day Messiah." -- Graham Kibble-White was lucky enough to be at the filming of the first episode of Wogan: Now and Then and found himself watching Round Two of a chat contest begun 15 (fifteen) years ago between Terry Wogan and David Icke.

Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce you to Off The Telly's new Blog.

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