"Did you see Charlie?"

Travel At the end of last month, Ian Jones did what I've often considered. He bought one of those Lancashire rail rovers tickets and saw how far it would take him. As I suspected, you can get quite far in a day, but you won't really see much at your various destinations. But you certainly will hear some things from your fellow passengers:
"On the train from Liverpool to Manchester:
“Don’t start, cos I’ll wait outside your fucking work and twat you. I ain’t arsed! I’m from fucking Birkenhead!”

From Colne to Preston:
“Did you see Charlie? Did he bring his woman with him? He’ll be an old man when he finally gets to sit on the throne. That’s if poor Liz will let him.”

From Lancaster to Morecambe:
“I’ve got the lasagne, the bread and a bag of Italian salad, but I just couldn’t decide on the wine.”
Unfortunately, I fear, I've been involved in rail conversation just like those.

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