"Or the Merlin set."

TV The BBC's posted this first official location photo of Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman on the Doctor Who set.  Or the Merlin set.  Or whatever.  Some comments:

(1)  The Doctor's new "costume".  The silhouette is still somewhat similar but note the emergence of the waistcoat, apparel last seen worn by a Doctor on a regular basis by Paul McGann (on a hundred cds and novels).  It makes him seem older, somehow, which it should do since this incarnation's aged over two hundred years since his regeneration.

(2)  The jacket.  Apart from this person having to make yet another imitation, again it feels like a departure.  It's darker, more mature.  And now we've reached the limit of my ability to identify tweeds.  Is it Leven, son?

(3)  Given that I haven't been in a high street clothing store in several decades, I'm not sure what we can infer from Jenna's clothes but they don't look off the peg.  The jacket is a bit mid-period Martha Jones but underneath she's also wearing another jacket and a flowery dress and note -- the bag.

(4)  Of course, we've no idea which episode this is from.  If this companion is from the past as had been rumoured by no one but me, she'd probably wear clothes which are in period or an approximation.  You could also infer the same about someone from the future who's usual streetwear is baco-foil.

(5)  In terms of first photos it could have been worse.  He could be wearing a bad costume and she could be dress as Peter Pan.

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