they're probably googling me

Fashion Given the speed with which the web works, you've probably already read this collection of tweets by Melissa Stetten, the model who offered a running commentary on the "moves" of a charming gentleman who attempted to chat her up on a red eye who was revealed to be in adulterous mood thanks to the research skills of her followers.

As @Glinner says, this "unfortunate actor fails to grasp that humans are now a mix of judge, jury, CCTV camera, Stasi operative & media outlet." Now I'll know that if someone I'm speaking to looks at their smart phone for longer than to check the time, they're probably googling me and I'm never going to speak to them again. This explains a lot.

What's not generally been reported is that Stetton has a history with hapless unfortunate men.  On her blog in May she talked about relationship she had with a "shock jock".  She's an excellent writer, tragic and funny in equal measure (except ick -- see below).  It's a textual montage sequence which explains a lot about why she's unlikely to take much bullshit from men.

Updated!  09/06/2012  Brian Presley, the person in question denies the conversation took place.  Or at least that the conversation took place the way she says it did.  We're now in the midst of the expected he said/she said.  For her part, she's posted a screenshot of Presley's message on her twitter and not treating anything too seriously.

Updated!  13/06/2012  A commentor at Jezebel bothered to check backwards in Stetton's Twitter timeline and oh good god, ugh.  Now it's entirely possible there's an ironic intent to that tweet, that she's commenting on the expectation that someone like her might say that sort of thing, in other words be a racist, but given that's not entirely clear, and that's not an especially funny thing to say, let's put this whole issue to bed shall, we?

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