That's Entertainment, has opened a store on Bold Street

Film The discount entertainment chain which rose phoenix-like from the flames of Music Zone, That's Entertainment, has opened a store on Bold Street in Liverpool opposite Starbucks. Given what we know now about the cost of rent on the street, this is not inconsiderable commitment.

If you're not aware, That's Entertainment knocks out essentially anything released up to six months ago at bizarrely cheap prices.  The list is huge but yesterday I noticed the Little Boots album for couple of pounds, most of Simon & Garfunkel's back catalogue for £3 each and well everything.

The dvd selection was a long wince inducing session as I compared how much I've spent in comparison.  Thankfully I've rarely bought anything full, full price thanks to the web, but it's impossible to really see how they could afford to make a profit on these margins and pay the rent.

Even with my limited budgets, of course I bought something.  The first season of the The Sarah Connor Chronicles (£2) and Ultimate Kylie (£2), the 2004 collection of all her pop videos which was I think the accompaniment to the costume exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery.

As with that exhibition this was an exhilaratingly naked trip through my blushing teenage years into my adult idolatry and despite a couple of obvious missteps (the Celebration cover, Breathe), there can't be many musical artists with such a peerless collection of singles.  Yes, even Shocked.

My favourite of these promos? For sheer technical finesse, Michel Gondry's Come Into My World, which shows all the vision he'd later bring to his better films, which begins looking disappointingly similar to Alison Maclean's video for Natalie Imbruglia's Big Mistake, then goes entirely amazeballs:

Best moments? When Kylie picks up the pink bag. When she ducks under herself at the lamp post. Noticing that it's not just Kylie who's duplicating. Oh and that by the end their are five Kylies.  Another two and there'd enough for every age of this man.

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