"Win or lose."

Film Roger Ebert remembers being invited to John Wayne's house:
"He took another rifle from the wall and held it up for inspection. "And this," he said, "is one of the guns the Russians are sending to kill our boys in Vietnam. People just won't see we're at war over there. Win or lose. Look at that--isn't that a mean-looking rifle? And it's a good one, too. And this is the piece of shit we're giving our boys to shoot back with. But people just won't realize. I heard a poem the other day. How did it go? Every day I pray, I won't go my complacent way... Hell, I can't remember it all. Something to the effect of, I'll never let those kids down."
There's also plenty of analysis of his own films, but I thought this was a poignant reminder of how even stars who died decades ago can still echo, both on screen and in their own words.

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