"Dimbleby talked too much"

TV The BBC defends jubilee coverage. In 2002:
"The BBC took more than 3,000 jubilee-related calls from viewers, according to a spokeswoman.

"However, among the 1,000 people that called to pass judgment on the coverage, only 300 congratulated the corporation."

"BBC insiders said at least 400 viewers complained Dimbleby talked too much and many of his comments were disrespectful to the royal family. The total number of complaints is likely to be nearer 700."
My twitter followers will now that I wasn't best pleased with some elements of the BBC's coverage this time, not least the constant cutting away from images of what we were supposed to be watching, the pomp and circumstance, for some lengthy interview with a celebrity, however entertaining it was to see Paloma Faith going rogue.

Many, including his sister-law-Bel Mooney have wondered why Bio-Dimbleby didn't present this year's coverage but is this old article proves anything it's that you can't impress all of the people all of the time.  The BBC was criticised for their -- I thought exemplary -- coverage of the Royal Wedding last year, for being "too funerary".

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