"young, attractive, well-educated"

TV A couple of months ago IO9 published this rather good interview with Waris Hussein, the first director on Doctor Who about attitudes to the show at the BBC when it first launch revealing that to an extent it was already a pariah thanks to interdepartmental and contemporary attitudes:
"There was this dichotomy between Drama and the Children's Department. The ladies who ran the Children's Department were well into their fifties and sixties, and they were rather like those people in The Kiling of Sister George. They were very worried about Verity Lambert, who came in looking absolutely marvelous. She was young, attractive, well-educated — she'd been to all the right schools, she'd been to Roedean, for God's sake, and spoke with a cultured accent. I remember standing in the bar one night, and hearing this gossip [from the Children's Department women]: "We all know how she got there, and it wasn't by walking."
You could argue that the show's fortunes within the corporation have always been indexed linked to the fortune its potentially brought to the corporation.

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