Radio I think I might have got a model/actress to name her new fragance after the title of a Doctor Who novel...

As I write this I'm listening to Radio Five and the understudies for the usual Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo Friday afternoon film review. James King & Phil Williams are interviewing Carmen Electra about Scary Movie 4 and Baywatch and her new perfume. And they asked for people to email with ideas for the name of the perfume. Quick click on Outlook and...
"To: phil@bbc.co.uk
From: feelinglistless@btopenworld.com

Lovely interview. Some ideas...





Take care,

Three minutes later they're actually being suggested to Electra. Luminous (which wasn't relevant) enticed them in. They were puzzled by Interference, intrigued by Adventuress and Dreamstone gave her pause for thought. Then they were off into some puns. You'll be able to hear the moment here later. So in about six months when Electra releases her new fire water and it uses any of those words you'll be able to say quite comfortably were she got the name from. Someone sent me a text and asked me if I could wait until 7:15 tomorrow. I think I'm actually overdosing on the tension.

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